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Denver Colorado
The Cannabis Business Association applauds the leadership of Congressman Ed Perlmutter D(CO-7) on the issue of banking access for the small businesses that comprise Colorado’s medical -and soon to be- retail marijuana industry.
The bill, The Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act (HR 2652) exempts financial institutions from the suspicious activity reporting requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) when doing business with state licensed marijuana businesses.  The financial services industry has cited the cost of compliance with the BSA as a key reason they refuse to accept accounts from these small businesses. The inability to access banking creates a public safety threat.
Though the Department of Treasury has the authority under the BSA to respond to this challenge administratively, the delay has rightly prompted Congresman Perlmutter and his bipartisan co-sponsors to seek Congressional action.
Today, following the memo from the Department of Justice indicating their intent to allow states to regulate marijuana businesses, Congressman Perlmutter -who serves on the House Committee on Financial Services- has called on Committee and Congressional leadership to schedule the bill for hearing and bring it to the floor for a vote.
Congressman Perlmutter is to be commended for his strong leadership on this issue.

CBAS Press Release 8.29.13

cbasheader1Contact: Chloe Villano
Executive Director
Cannabis Business Association
Phone: 954.665.9744
Email: cannabisbusinessassociation@gmail.com

Colorado Businesses Celebrate Federal Guidance on State Cannabis Laws

Cannabis Businesses Gather to Discuss New Regulations in the Face of Landmark Decision from Federal Government Today

August 29, 2013 – Denver Colorado

Tonight several of Colorado’s cannabis business leaders and community activists will gather at Cassleman’s in Denver for the Cannabis Business Symposium, hosted by The Cannabis Business Association and Clover Leaf Consulting, to discuss the final release of cannabis regulations by the Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division as well as the latest announcement by the Department of Justice that the Federal Government will not interfere with the implantation of Colorado’s historic Amendment 64.  Tonight’s panel will feature known cannabis experts and advocates such as Rob Corry Jr. Esq., Warren Edson Esq., Jessica LaRoux, Travis Simpson Esq., Craig Small Esq, Teri Robnett, Mike Elliott, and Clover Leaf President Chloe Villano.

“I’m very excited to moderate tonight’s panel in light of the recent announcement that came from the federal government.”  says Executive Director of Cannabis Business Association, Chloe Villano, referring to the memo released today from the Department of Justice.  The announcement from Eric Holder’s office that the federal government will not sue over Colorado and Washington’s legalization of marijuana comes as welcome news to an already anxious industry. “Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of a change in our nation’s laws to catch up to where the people of this state and this great country already are on this important issue,” says Villano, “and I really encourage the Feds to fix the banking laws in this country so we as an industry can truly operate in good faith and compliance.”

Cannabis Business Association is a professional cannabis business trade association striving for the implementation and sensible regulations for Colorado’s cannabis businesses.

For more information on the Cannabis Business Association or to schedule an interview, please call Cannabis Business Assocaition at (720) 515-1281, or email at info@cannabisbusinessassocaition.com.

FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1408475039371259/

CannabisBusinessSymposium Amendment 64 Legislative Series:


read Eric Holder’s press release

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Department of Justice: Strong state regulations needed for Marijuana

On August 29, 2013, Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued a guidance memo to U.S. Attorneys regarding enforcement priorities of the Department; specifically in regards to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in states that have established a regulatory scheme for the cultivation and distribution of marijuana and marijuana products. The memo follows previous guidelines for medical marijuana enforcement priorities.

The memo states that while it is the intent to the Department to continue to enforce the CSA, the focus of that enforcement should remain on activities that are not governed by a state law. Citing limitations on resources and the inability to coordinate with local law enforcement on investigations and prosecutions in jurisdictions that have made legal certain activities, the Department has determined that comprehensive regulatory schemes that are provided adequate resources may in fact assist in federal law enforcement priorities.

The Department will continue to enforce the CSA in jurisdictions that have not established marijuana regulations as well as against individuals who are not operating with strict compliance to a state law. Further, within jurisdictions that have established a law, the Department has indicated activities that will remain a federal interest including but not limited to:

  • Diversion of marijuana to minors
  • Diversion of marijuana into jurisdictions where possession remains illegal under local law
  • The use of the regulated system to disguise a criminal enterprise
  • Incidents of violence
  • Negative impacts on the public safety including driving under the influence
  • Cultivation of marijuana on federal lands

In recent years, U.S. Attorney’s have used the size of a state regulated marijuana operation as a proxy for a violation of the previous Cole and Ogden memos. In this memo, the direction is that this practice be discontinued unless the above indications are present. The Department finally, indicates that their interest lies not only in the activity of persons engaged in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana but also in the state agencies governing such activities. Should such agencies be incapable of regulation or there are insufficient resources for such agencies, the Department may take action against the regulatory structure itself.

Should the state tax measures pass, the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division -which will receive a $5 million annual appropriation each year through 2018 should have sufficient resources for robust regulation and enforcement.

Department of Revenue Rulemaking Timeline Released

The Department of Revenue has released their timeline for rule-making hearings regarding recreational marijuana. The full schedule is below.

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CBAS Opposes Boulder Cannabis Tax

The CBAS has issued a letter to City of Boulder officials expressing opposition and urging them to revisit the extreme taxes proposed for recreational marijuana sales. The City has proposed a 10% sales and 15% excise tax on recreational marijuana sales.

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Announcing: CBAS Launch at Clover Leaf Business Symposium

photo 14The Cannabis Business Association is proud to sponsor and be a part of the upcoming Clover Leaf Cannabis Business Symposium. We welcome all industry business owners, professionals, and groups to attend our event launching our Professional Business Association. We welcome you to attend and utilize this expert business advice and networking opportunity.